Happiness is Homemade

In today's fast-paced world finding homemade happiness sometimes seems difficult. So why not create your own happiness at home?

Wed Jun 14, 2023

Happiness has many different definitions

but for some people happiness is related to food. In this blog, we will explore and expand our idea on how therapeutic and refreshing cooking is. It doesn't matter how costly or tasty meals we have in restaurants and cafes, but lets be honest we all crave for homemade essence and flavors. Cooking is an art in which you can explore, expand and create your own masterpiece. Food has a unique ability to bring people together. Whether it’s a simple regular family dinner or a special occasional meal together with the loved ones, food always brings joy to the table. Embrace the joy of cooking by embarking these quick, easy and delicious recipes by our Chef Sneha Thakkar:

How to make Idada with Chutney:


Idada is a traditional Indian recipe from Gujarat, made with fermented rice and dal batter that is steamed to perfection. Served with tangy and spicy chutney made from green chilies, mint, and other flavorful ingredients, idada offers a light and healthy option for breakfast or as a snack.

How to make Quick Festive Chocolate:

As per Indian tradition when we celebrate festivals the first thing that comes to mind is sweet. In this video, there is a twist in the traditional sweets with the additional flavours of chocolate that are suitable for each and every celebration.

How to make Amritsari Kulcha:

Amritsari Kulcha is a Punjabi stuffed flatbread made with a refined flour dough and filled with a savory mixture of mashed potatoes and spices. It is cooked until golden and served with chole or raita or a special chutney, offering a delicious and fulfilling meal option.

Homemade Cream Cheese:

Homemade cream cheese is a tangy and creamy cheese spread made by curdling milk with lemon juice or vinegar, and then straining out the whey. It's a versatile ingredient for spreading on various foods or using in recipes for dips and desserts.

How to make makhania biscuits at home:

Makhania biscuits are a popular Indian delicacy originating from Rajasthan. These crispy and buttery cookies are made with a combination of flour, semolina, sugar, and ghee (clarified butter), resulting in a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a rich, nutty flavor. They are often enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee as a delightful treat.

By embracing the idea that happiness is homemade we can find joy in the simple act of cooking and sharing meals with our loved ones. Remember happiness is what you create. So, put on your apron, grab your ingredients and let the magic of flavors unfold in your kitchen. The recipes shared in this blog is just a starting point for creating happiness in your own kitchen.
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Sneha Thakkar
Founder of Swad Institute, Surat.