Meet Our Instructors

Welcome to our team of accomplished culinary, bakery, and pastry instructors. With years of expertise, they serve as an inspiration and guiding force for aspiring chefs and baking enthusiasts, leading them on a journey of culinary excellence. Elevate your skills with the best in the industry and explore the art of cooking, baking, and pastry making under their expert guidance.

Chef Sneha Thakkar

25 yr. exp

Founder and Head Chef of Swad Institute. Mastering and delivering culinary, bakery, and pastry expertise.

Chef Anil

20 yr. exp

HM (Hotel Management) faculty with over 20 years of extensive industry experience both within India and abroad. He is a fusion cuisine specialist and a restaurateur.

Chef Jeni

10 yr. exp

With a decade of culinary expertise under her belt, she specializes in North Indian, International and Oriental cuisine.

Chef Maya

10 yr. exp

With over 8 years of culinary experience, she has mastery in preparing healthy and international dishes. Her dedication to promoting healthy cooking is evident in all the cuisines she create.

Chef Hina

6 yr. exp

Meet our specialist in South Indian cuisine, with over 6 years of expertise in culinary, bakery and confectionery. She astounds with extraordinary food styling and designing skills.

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