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Baking & Icing

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Workshop Description:
In this workshop, you will learn to make cakes from scratch. From baking perfect sponge to whipping perfect cream and making perfect ganache as well as detailed knowledge about nozzle technique, this course covers it all.

What will you learn?
-Basic knowledge of Baking for Beginners
-Perfect Whipped Cream, Ganache & Sugar Syrup
-Icing, Frosting & Nozzles Technique
-Basic Cake Sponge
-Festive Cake
-Cake & Pastry
-Cake Desserts

Measuring Equipment
Electric beater / Whisker
Palate Knife
Turn Table

Who is this course for?
This course is for the ones who want to learn to make homemade cakes.

How does this online class work?
After enrolling in this class, one will have to watch the provided videos and make notes while going through the recipe PDF. Once, you are done with watching and feel that your concept is clear, you need to start trying out the recipes as soon as possible.

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📄 Introduction (Free Preview)
A Quick Hello!
Word from Founder
Basic Course Details
Students Review
📚 Recipe PDF (English)
Baking & Icing PDF English
📋 Pre-Requirements
How to use measuring Cup & Spoon Set
🎥 Whipped cream , Ganache & sugar syrup
Homemade Chocolate Ganache
Homemade thick sugar syrup
Homemade Whipped Cream
🎥 Icing , Frosting , Nozzles Technique
Cake Icing & Piping idea
Techniques Of Icing & Frosting
How to Use Piping Nozzles
🎥 Basic Cake
Chocolate Sponge Cake ( Eggless )
Eggless Chocolate Truffle Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Fluffy Vanilla Sponge Cake
Butter Scotch Cake
Eggless Fruit Cake | Britannia Style
🎥 Festive Cake
Chocolate Strawberry Santa Cake
Janmastami Special Matki Cake
🎥 Cake & Pastry
Red Glaze Cake ( Eggless )
Tri Colour Mousse Cake
Pastry | Mango Tango Pastry
Golden Fantasy Icecream Cake
🎥 Dessert
Strawberry Cheese Cake Short Glass Dessert
Mawa Muffins
Rasmalai Trifle Pudding
Mango Fusion Dessert
🥳 Extra Free videos
Whipped Cream
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