Designer Cake Combo
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Designer Cake Combo

To bake a perfect cake is an art! Decorating the cake is a work of an artist! 🎂

Be an artist to your art & explore now the best.😍

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In this combo, you will learn about all the trendy cakes, from mini-bento cakes to designer wedding cakes, exotic cakes, fondant cakes, and many more as well as bakery tips and techniques to make your cake beautiful and tempting.

Combo Includes: 

Course 1: Mini & Bento Cakes

What will you learn?

1) Bakery Style Basic Vanilla Sponge
2) Basic Chocolate Sponge (Curd Base)
3) Royal Honey Almond Cake
4) Litchi Lime-White Forest Cake
5) Very Berry Rainbow Cake
6) Poppyseed Orange Velvet Cake
7) Cranberry & White Chocolate Cake
8) Choco Kiwi Crunch Cake
9) Thandai Mawa Bento Cake
10) Silky Orange Cake
11) Tiramisu Italian Cake
12) Coconut Mascarpone Cheesecake (Bento)
13) German Pecan Ombre Cake
14) Rajbhog Lunchbox Bento Cake

Course 2: Butter Cream:

What will you learn?

1) Making buttercream from butter
2) Making chocolate buttercream
3) Bakery-style vanilla buttercream
4) Rose pistachio floral cake
5) Lemon blueberry cake
6) Lemon praline choco cake
7) Mango basil truffle cake
8) Strawberry brownie deluxe cake
9) Mocha toffee monogram cake
10) Choco orange Almond cake
11) Rocky Road choco mellows cake
12) Berry blast Heart cake
13) American waffle cream cake
14) Pan pasanda two tire cake
15) Making peanut butter
16) Peanut butter banana cake

Course 3: Designer Wedding Cake:

What will you learn?

1) Three-Tier Textures Wedding Cakes 
2) Acrylic Tier Wedding Cake
3) Groom Special Sherwani design Cake 
4) Wedding Cake With a Watercolour effect 
5) Geometric Wedding Cake 
6) Floating Tier Wedding Cake 
7) Three-Tier Fondant Wedding Cake
8)Two Tier Wedding Cake with Sphere shape Cake

Course 4: Exotic Chocolate Cakes

What will you learn?

1) Basic Chocolate Sponge (with condensed milk)
2) Coffee Hazelnut Sponge
3) Chocolate Sponge(with Yogurt)
4) Chocolate Sponge(with ready pre-mix)
5) Mississippi Mud Cake
6) Moist Triple Layer Chocolate Cake
7) Berrylicious Chocolate Cake
8) Dulce-De-Leche Coconut Cake
9)Belgian Chocolate Cake
10) Italian Ferrero Rocher Cake
11) Rich Coffee Cream Cheese Cake with Chocolate
12) Choco Kalakand Cake
13) Kaju Katli White Chocolate Cake
14) Mississippi Mud Pie Cake
15) German Chocolate Cake

Course 5: Fondant Cakes:

What will you learn?

1) Baby Shower Theme Cake
2) Cricket Theme Cake
3) Make-up Kit Theme Cake
4) Unicorn Theme Cake
5) Barrel Cake
6) Doll Cake
7) Engagement Cake
8) Jungle Theme Cake
9) Anniversary Theme Cake
10) Saree Cake

How does this online class work?

After enrolling in this class, one will have to watch the provided videos and make notes while going through the recipe PDF. Once, you are done watching and feel that your concept is clear, you need to start trying out the recipes as soon as possible. Once done, and you feel doubts at any point about your recipe, you can drop a voice message on WhatsApp on our kitchen query.

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Package Contents

Exotic Chocolate Cakes
Chef Sneha & Chef Pramod
Mini & Bento Cakes
Chef Sneha & Chef Pramod
Buttercream Cakes
Chef Sneha & Chef Pramod
Designer wedding cake
Chef Mayuri
Fondant Cake
Chef Sneha & Chef Pramod


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