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Premix Combo

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In this combo, you will learn how to make premix starting from breakfast to main course to dessert so that you can enjoy your food instantly.  Also, this is perfect if you want to start your own premix business.

Combo Includes: 

Course 1: Punjabi Premix:

What will you learn?

- Tomato Powder
- Onion Powder
- Ginger Powder
- Garlic Powder

1) White Gravy Premix
2) Malai Kofta
3) Navratna Korma
4) Tomato puree ( for all sabzis )
5) Red Gravy Premix
6) Cheese Corn Lasooni
7) Paneer Richie Rich
8) Green Gravy Premix
9) Veg . Hariyali
10) Cheese Palak Paneer
11) Golden gravy Premix
12) Cheesey Kaju Curry
13) Veg Lahori
14) Mughlai Gravy Premix
15) Mughlai Paneer
16) Mughlai Kofta
17) Kashmiri Gravy Premix
18) Kashmiri Dum Aloo
19) Biryani Premix
20) How To Make Biryani
21) Dal Makhani Premix
22) How to Make Dal Makhani
23) Rajma Premix
24) How to Make Rajma
25) How to Make Chole
26) How to Make Naan Premix
27) Methi Garlic Hot Pot
28) Khoya Kaju
29) Veg Peshavari
30) Paneer Butter Masala
31) Lasooni Palak Paneer
32) Corn Cheese Palak
33) Aloo Palak
34) Angaari Paneer Tikka Masala
35) Matar Paneer

Course 2: Eggless Cake Premix:

What will you learn?

-Industrial cake premix
1) Vanilla cake premix
2) Chocolate cake premix
3) Rasmalai cake premix
4) Strawberry cake premix

-Semi commercials cake premix
1) Vanilla cake premix
2) Chocolate cake premix
3) Red Velvet cake premix
4) Premix of any flavor

-Homemade cake premix
1) Vanilla cake premix
2) Chocolate cake premix
3) Mava cake premix
4) Fruit cake premix

-Healthy cake premix
1) Ragi Cake premix
2) Whole wheat cake premix
3) Whole wheat chocolate cake premix

1) Chocolate plum cake
2) Muffins
3) Cupcake
4) Brownie premix

Course 3: Breakfast Premix: 

What will you learn?

1) Poha Premix
2) Upma Premix
3) Vermiceli Masala Premix
4) Locha Premix
5) Paneer Chilla Premix
6) Idli Premix
7) Dhosa Premix
8) Cutlet Premix
9) Cake Premix
10) Pisum Premix
11) Besan Premix
12) Dry fruit custard Premix
13) Appe
14) Sambhar
15) Coconut Chutney
16) Nylon Khaman
17) Green Chutney
18) Chai Premix
19) Coffee Premix

Course 4: Coffee Premix:

What will you learn?

1) Coastal coffee
2) Latte
3) Cappuccino
4) Mocha
5) Choco Almond
6) Born barista
7) French vanilla
8) Mint Marina ( dark coffee)
9) Ginger Tonic
10) Blueberry Gold
11) Irish Hazelnut Frappe
12) D-60 brew
13) Blue velvet
14) Vietnamese
15) Coffee Bischoff

16) Coffee Cocktail

17) Filter Coffee


How does this online class work?

After enrolling in this class, one will have to watch the provided videos and make notes while going through the recipe PDF. Once, you are done watching and feel that your concept is clear, you need to start trying out the recipes as soon as possible. Once done, and you feel doubts at any point about your recipe, you can drop a voice message on WhatsApp on our kitchen query.

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Package Contents

Breakfast Premix
Chef Maya
Eggless Cake Premix
Chef Sneha & Chef Heena
Coffee Premix
Chef Maya
Milkshake And Sharbat Premix
Chef Jeni
Punjabi Premix
Chef Jeni
Brownies & Blondie Premix
Chef Sneha & Chef Praomd


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