Professional Subway Cookies
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Professional Subway Cookies

πŸ”ͺ 4 Techniques | Lifetime access | Certified Course | Recipe PDF | Doubt Solving

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Workshop Description:
In this workshop, you will learn to make Subway Style Professional Cookies at home from Scratch with details about their secret tips, tricks, and techniques.

What will you learn?

1. Chilly Cheese Cookies
2. Nutella Thumb Print Cookies
3. Giant Three Way Chocolate Cookies
4. Brookies
5. Spicy Guava Cookies
6. Choco Brownie Biscuit Squares
7. Choco Almond Cookies
8. Double Choco Cookies
9. Jim Jam Biscuits
10. Raisin Oats Subway Cookies
11. Blueberry Cheese Cookies
12. Red Velvet Cheese Cookies
13. Colour Majestic Cookies
14. Nutty Pistachio Paradise Cookies
15. Kitkat Orange Punch Cookies

Measuring Equipment
OTG/ Convection Microwave
Parchment Paper/Butter Paper
Beater Machine

Who is this course for?
This workshop is for the ones who would like to learn, bake and earn.

How does this online class work?
After enrolling in this class, one will have to watch the provided videos and make notes while going through the recipe PDF. Once, you are done watching and feel that your concept is clear, you need to start trying out the recipes as soon as possible. Once done, and you feel doubts at any point about your recipe, you can drop a voice message on WhatsApp on our kitchen query.

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πŸ“š Recipe PDF
Professional Subway Cookies Recipe PDF Gujarati
Professional subway cookies Recipe PDF English
πŸ“‹ Pre-Requirements
How to use measure measuring Cup & Spoon Set
How to use Microwave Convection
πŸŽ₯ Workshop Videos
Blueberry Cheese
Chilli Cheese Cookies
Choco Almond
Choco Brownie Biscuit Squares
Double Choco
Giant Three Way
Jim Jam
Kitkat Orange Wrinkle
Nutella Thumb Print
Nutty Pistachio Paradise
Rainbow Cookies (Colour Majestic)
Raisin Oats Cookies
Red Valvet Cheese
Spicy Guava
Packaging And Conclusion
πŸ’Έ Product costing & Pricing strategy
Selling & Marketing Technique
πŸ₯³ Extra Free videos
Chocolate Chips Cookies Recipe
Tea Time Masala Cookies Recipe
πŸ“ž Bakery Doubt Solving Number & Feedback
Bakery Doubt Solving Number
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