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Start Your Own Cloud Kitchen

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Cloud kitchens offer great potential for profitability. A cloud kitchen operates without a physical dine-in space, allowing you to focus solely on cooking and delivery. With the right Knowlege, you can setup successful business by learning the food, handling its expenses like equipment and initial operational costs, making your cloud kitchen business expansion easier and successful

This package is design for aspiring people who want to start there own food business, by enrolling you will get complete knowledge about cloud kitchen business. 

What's included in this package:-
Commercial Tandoor Masterclass
Commercial Dal & Pulao Masterclass
Commercial Punjabi Sabji Masterclass

Commercial Tandoor Masterclass
1] Boiled Onion
2] Blanch Tomato Pure
3] White Paste
4] Paneer Makhmali Alisan
5] Paneer Baoli Handi
6] Palak Corn
7] Paneer Do Pyaza Nizami
8] Paneer Avadh-e-Bhar 
9] Rajwadi Aloo
10] Veg. Makhanwala
11] Vegetable Khazana
12] Paneer Sagwala
13] Paneer Dum Dum
14] Paneer Khurchan
15] Paneer Madras Curry
16] Matar Paneer Darbari
17] Lasooni Dal Palak

Commercial Dal & Pulao Masterclass:-
Dal Recipes
1)Dal Panch Ratna
2)Dal Pahadi
3)Dal Makhani
4)Lasooni Dal Palak
5)Mirchi Makai Ka Salon
Pulao & Biryani
1)Kashmiri Pulao
2)Afgani Pulao
3)Hyderabadi Biryani
4)Dum Biryani

Commercial Tandoor Masterclass:-
Fried Starters
1) Hara bhara Kebab
2) Dal ka Kebab
3) Angoori Kebab

Tandoori Starters
1) Lachha  Salad
2) Achari Paneer Tikka 
3) Malai Paneer Tikka
4) Pahadi Paneer Tikka
5) Tandoori Aloo Tikka
6) Tandoori Paneer Tikka 
7) Veg Seekh Kebab
8) Lachha Paratha
9) Misi Roti
10) Tandoori Roti
11) Tandoori Naan
12) Tandoori Fool
13) Tandoori Kulcha


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Package Contents

Commercial Punjabi Sabji Masterclass
Chef Anil & Chef Jeni
Commercial Dal & Pulao
Chef Anil & Chef Jeni
Commercial Tandoor Masterclass
Chef Anil & Chef Jeni


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