Starters And Dips
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Starters And Dips

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Workshop Description:
In this workshop, you will learn to make restaurant-style Starters with Dips from scratch. We have also included oil-free recipes as well as techniques through which you can keep advance preparations of the dish and then instantly serve it at mealtime!

What will you learn?
1) Herbs Paneer
2) Corn Basil Cheese Blast
3) Royal Kebab
4) Roulettes Exotics
5) Mexican Jacket Potato (Baked Dish)
6) Tandoori Chaap
7) Mongolian Chipotle.
8) Achari Malai Paneer Tikka
9) Sizzling Mushroom Paneer
10) Cashew Rolly-Polly
11) Ching-Chang Chestnuts and Babycorn
12) Pizza Bomb Fire
13) Creamy Spinach Fondue.
14) Banana Leaf Parcel.
15) Potato Nest With Veg. Filling

Bonus Recipes
16) Sesame Coated Croquettes.
17) Sabji Ke Kebab
18) Paneer & Mushroom Curried SautΓ©.
19) Potato Nest with Avocado Filling

1) Cheese sauce
2) Salsa sauce
3) Bellpepper dip
4) Coriander mint dip
5) French onion dip
6) Tzatziki cucumber dip
7) Greek potato garlic dip
8) Avocado dip
9) Spicy cilantro dip
10) Creamy spinach dip
11) Thai dip
12) Hummus dip

Measuring Equipment

Who is this course for?
This workshop is for the ones who love to try restaurant-style recipes at home or want to start their small food business.

How does this online class work?
After enrolling in this class, one will have to watch the provided videos and make notes while going through the recipe PDF. Once, you are done watching and feel that your concept is clear, you need to start trying out the recipes as soon as possible. Once done, and you feel doubts at any point about your recipe, you can drop a voice message on WhatsApp on our kitchen query.

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