Subway Style Sandwich
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Subway Style Sandwich

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Workshop Description:
In this workshop, you will learn to make Submarine Sandwiches in Subway style. You will also learn to make different condiments/sauces of Subway from scratch at home. A recipe for subway-style bread is also included here.

What will you learn?
1) South West Chipotle Sauce
2) Sweet Onion Sauce (Thick and Thin Sauce)
3) Thousand Island Sauce (Thick and Thin Sauce)
4) Mint Mayo
5) Barbecue Sauce
6) Black Pepper Ranch
7) Sweet Chili Vinegrate
8) Honey Mustard
9) Teriyaki
10) Mayonnaise Dip
11) Veggie Delight Subway
12) Corn and Peas Subway
13) Footlong Bread
14) Veggies
15) For Salad
16) Paneer Tikka Subway
17) Aloo Petty Subway
18) Veg. Shammi Subway
19) Harabhara Kebab Subway
20) Mexican Periperi
21) Chatpata Subway
22) Green peas Patty Subway
23) Veggies Patties Subway
24) Bread

Measuring Equipment
OTG for Bread

Who is this course for?
This workshop is for the ones who love to try restaurant-style recipes at home or want to start their food business.

How does this online class work?
After enrolling in this class, one will have to watch the provided videos and make notes while going through the recipe PDF. Once, you are done watching and feel that your concept is clear, you need to start trying out the recipes as soon as possible. Once done, and you feel doubts at any point about your recipe, you can drop a voice message on WhatsApp on our kitchen query.

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Subway Sandwich bread
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πŸ“‹ Pre-Requirements
Measuring Cups and Spoons
How to use an OTG oven
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Subway Breads
Subway Sandwich (Day-1)
Subway Sandwich (Day-2)
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Selling & Marketing Technique
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Cheese Burst Pizza Sandwich
Paneer Tikka Open Sandwich
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