Variety Of Soya Chaap
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Variety Of Soya Chaap

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What you will learn? 
1. Tandoori soya chaap 
2. Pahadi soya chaap 
3. Malai soya chaap 
4. Murakhan soya chaap
5. Malabari soya chaap (sabzi) 
6. Soya keema Masala (sabzi) 
7. Dhaniya- Lasooni soya chaap (sabzi) 
8. Kathiawaadi soya chaap (sabzi) 
9. Veg. Kaleji soya chaap 
10. Kurmuri soya chaap 
11. Indo- Chinese soya chaap
12. Soya tawa pulao 
13. Cheese chilli garlic naan
14. Chatpata salad 
15. Tandoor special chutney

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πŸ“š Recipe PDF (Gujarati & English)
Variety Of Soya Chaap English
Variety Of Soya chaap Gujarati
πŸ“‹ Pre-Requirements
Measuring Cups and Spoons
πŸŽ₯ Workshop Videos
Introduction (Soya Chaap)
Soya chaap chilli (Soya Chaap)
Rughani naan (Soya Chaap)
Kathiyawadi soya chaap (Soya Chaap)
Nurani pulao (Soya Chaap)
Chatpata salad (Soya Chaap)
Tandoor special chutney (Soya Chaap)
Soya Keema Chaap (Soya Chaap)
Dhaniya lasooni (Soya chaap)
Kurmuri (Soya Chaap)
Kaleji (Soya Chaap)
Tandoori Chaap (Soya Chaap)
Pahadi (Soya Chaap)
Malai (Soya Chaap)
Moroccan (Soya Chaap)
Mala Bari (Soya Chaap)
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Selling & Marketing Technique
πŸ₯³ Extra Free videos
Soya Chaap Sabji
Veg Soya Chaap Biriyani
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